Saturday, June 23, 2007



I do pray that this write up will touch your life and open your eyes to see as you ought to. This article is not directly to chastise anyone but it is just a call to order to all those involved in this.

It is now very obvious and glaring that in this part of the world (Nigeria), we are losing every consciousness of our basic life values, this is evident by the fast inward flow of western culture into our system; more often than not, these "imported" values have basically "zero" value but instead they are detrimental to the advancement of the lives of the people and the society at large.

The major problem on our part (receiver) is that we do not value ourselves and we basically do not know what we as individuals stand for, talk less we as a society! It is basically due to this lack of information of self that we let other irrelevant and baseless values fill up the vacuum.

The most glaring phenomenon of this "culture" is the mode of dressing of the affected individuals today (majorly the youth). Today, a lot of ladies love to go about half naked in the name of freedom of expression and some others for "convenience" sake. I really wonder what kind of convenience one can have when basically everyone around you has access to see the restricted parts of your body.

When the use of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. The sorry truth is that a lot of people do not know what they're worth and if you know you dress with sensitive parts of your boy exposed, I'm proud to announce to you that you have no understanding of who you are and what you're worth. Don't you know that the way you're dressed is the way you'll be addressed. We’re quick to pass judgments at those prostitutes that flock our street but I really don't see a difference between you and them; after all you all look the same, some of these prostitutes even dress better than you.

It's because you don't know yourself and have no value for your body that you rather abuse it. A lot of girls think by dressing "nude" it draws attraction to them and the reality is that they draw attraction to themselves but what they're seen as is what they don't know. A guy once said that any "girl" dressed that way is basically saying that she' cheap, available and desperate!

Enough of basic moral talk. Let’s take a reality check and ask ourselves this question - if God put cloths on man then who do we think is trying to take the cloths off? You didn't see it that way did you. We've let the devil in have his way in our lives for a long time and we were not even aware of it!! pitiful! Do you not know that the recorded manifestation of the demon possessed man in Luke 8:26 was that he tore his clothes off. This was a man who was under the influence of a legion of demons.. Are u making sense of this at all? Are u seeing the bigger picture? Interestingly, the first sign of his healing was that Jesus clothed Him!
PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!! Don't you know that it's not your body; you can’t do with it as you please. Many of us claim to be Christians; I'll rather advice us to call ourselves a church goers because a real Christian is meant to be CHRISTLIKE in all dimensions of His/Her life. I implore you to PUT SOME CLOTHES ON! Do not forget that God is a jealous God and His glory dwells in you and He doesn't Share His glory with any man, but yet we expose the whole thing and the whole "world" enjoys the view. A typical walk down the road of most Nigerian institutions and it dawns on you that pornography has long left the internet and started to walk on our streets. PUT SOME CLOTHES ON! your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. It's not your body!
In Luke 19: 45 downward after the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. He stepped into the temple (your body) and he chased out all the robbers in the temple. The word robbers used there simply means robbers of temple from Romans 2:22 which is a phrase used to describe people who rob temples but it is defined in Romans 2:22 as people who appropriate to themselves what has been consecrated to God thus robbing and doing sacrilege (Amp). That’s the raw fact. A lot of us are doing with our bodies (temple) as we wish, we're like the temple robbers, you do what you want with your body which is supposed to be consecrated to God. PUT SOME CLOTHES ON! The whole world is looking at you; you've become a laughing stock to even those who you think esteem you high. They're probably flocking around you because you look like one of the people of their perverted and horny fantasies. YES! That’s just what you are. A lot of you think the devil is far from you and you don't even know that He's using and driving you. Pitiful!

It's so pathetic how many of you think today, if you mentioned to people who lived just about 50 yrs ago that in the near future dressing exposed will become a normal phenomenon they'll probably think you're crazy. For some of you that do it because your friends are doing it, i pity you. Statistics have proven it that 63% of rape cases are caused by indecent dressing. You don't need the school authorities to tell you what to wear and what not to, that’s why God gave you brains; oops, I've forgotten that some people are “unconsciously” driven by the devil. PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!! It’s not cool to look naked.