Sunday, July 1, 2007

Not Guilty!!

At last, he owned his own slingshot! the whole idea of his whole family spending easter with grandpa and grandma simply exhilarated him and now with his new slingshot that granpa gave him, easter was definitely going to be the bomb!!

Without much time wasted and with his sling in his hand Josh began to practice all his stealth positions and he quickly became a nuisance to all the crawling animals in granpa's neighbourhood especially the ducks. Just two days after their arrival at grannies', Josh went out to continue his usual practice with his slingshot just before lunch.. as he walked quietly in the yard; there it was, a perfect prey, unsuspecting and in a very volatile position. Josh moved stealthily through the little bushes and without much thinking he let the sling go and hit the duck right on the head! Alas, he had for the first time got his target right. After a little excitment and celebration of his triumphant strike the reality quickly dawned on him that he had just killed a duck, on closer inspection of the dead animal, he realised that it wasn't just a duck but it was grandma's favourite pet duck. Now he knew he was in for it! He quickly scanned the area and with no one in sight, he ran away from the scene.

After lunch, Grandpa made an offer to the whole family to follow him for fishing; grandma was the first to opt out and she also took permission for Dolly (Joshs' sister),they had to wash up the dishes and start preparing the dough for dinner. Dolly, very eager to go quickly announced that Josh had promised to take her place in her kitchen chores. Before Josh could utter a word in protest, She quickly whispered in his ears "remember the duck"; Josh who now was put aback just stared into the eyes of Dolly and she said to him "yeah, I saw it all". Grudgingly, Josh obliged and opted to stay with grandma to do the dishes.

The next morning, mum woke up first and started her usual daily routine, she called on Dolly and started to assign to her all she was to do that day, Dolly in turn paced to Joshs' room and informed him of all her chores and she said to him "trust you can handle it".

After about two weeks of blackmail, Josh became fed up, easter holiday had become "disaster holiday" for him. At this point He concluded in his heart that he was going to tell grandma of what he had done. He summoned up enough courage and approached grandma and told her of what he had done. When he had finished with his confession, Grandma looked at Him and with a warm amile She said "I know, I saw it all from the attic window, I just wanted to know how long you were going to let your Sister use you!"

Many of us find ourselves in this situation. We often doubt the mercies of God and choose rather to live under the burden of the guilt of the things that we have done wrong, By so doing we are giving the devil a chance to rule over us by His persistent blackmail over us. At such points, when we realize that we've messed up our first respone should be to open our heart towards God. Remember that the most important Person to God is YOU. If you buy a pair of shoes for $300.00, what you're simply saying is that the shoe worth more to you than the $300.00. What more God, who gave Jesus just for YOU! Always remember that we live by grace and our righteousness is not a function of your abilities but purely based on the grace. We do
not have a high Priest who does not sympathize with our weaknesses!!