Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Late Welcome!!

After two posts, i realized that something didn't quite seem right...i guess that i got rather excited about the whole blogging thingy that i forgot to tell you a little about what this blog is all about.
A girl once said to me not to address every situation because i know the truth" , she went on to explain to me the role of wisdom and considering the feeling and opinions of other.. really i found that rather difficult! Well i like it see it as a place where i can express all the burdens the truth places on my heart. There is serious evil under the sun and it seems a lot of peolpe want to remain quiet about it.. well i choose not to. The only weapon to fight darkness is light(truth). The truth must be said at all cost! Jesus paid His life for it so why cant just dedicate this little quota of mine to it. Hello!! and for those of you who think I'm a perfect guy cause of all my writings well i like to say you're wrong but on the other hand i know that I'm on a road heading towards perfection and i must warn you...I'm fast paced!! so watch out

Be sure to visit as often as you can as i'll continue to make it worth the while. not to forget Part II of put some clothes on(my first post) will be out soon. A girlfriend of mine mailed me and asked me when i was going to address the guys too!! let's keep our fingers crossed.

My next series of post'll be slightly different from the first two..they'll be what i'd like to call a breather!!!

Blog On!!!!!

We are tagged!!

We are tagged!
I once composed a text message which i didnt send to anyone, i usually do this when i get an inspiration. The content of the SMS goes thus: "We carry in us the mind and life of a God which the world cannot conceive and sees as practically impossible".At that period of my life(which was just some weeks ago!) leading up to now i was desperately seeking answers to so many questions that were plauging my heart. i wanted to know why my opinions,ideas my general perception of things always seems strange and "excessive"(especially on dressing amd music). time after time i evaluated myself to know what was really wrong, was the problem with me or was it that i was just meeting the wrong set of people? As i basked in that island of thoughts, i was quickly reminded of the the text i composed and never sent to anyone; it was at that point that it dawned on me that it was actually meant for me!!!

We must understand that the day we made a decision for the cross, we indirectly accepted a tag from the world labelled "abnormal", that we were shot out of our then realities which were limited by the extent of our five senses into a dimension where the world will never be able to imagine talk less of understanding. We were tagged abnormal by the world because anything outside the reach of those basic five senses(the God in our inside) cannot be conceived.

NOw thats a personal experience but today, the story seems to be different. I sometimes find it hard to differentiate between a Christian and non Christian; afterall they're all dressed the same, talk the same, have the same passions(funny),love the same music.....some people ask me "are my supposed to carry a tag saying that i'm a Christian?"..my answer..YES!! you are supposed to be carrying a tag remember!!! look, the world is a very Perverse place and it isnt getting any better, there ought to be a clear dstinction between the people of God(you) and those of the world!! Moses stood and mountain and made a clarion call and asked "Who is on the Lord's side?". a clear distinction was made! I strongly know that we are living in a age and time where that call has to be resounded.

Evalute yourself, pick a person that you know that is not a Christian but is morally sound and try to see wat makes you different from him...let me guess..you speak in tongues and he doesnt!!! ha ha ha, even some demon possessed peolpe speak in other tongues!! you realize that there isnt much difference?? You have to understand that the people of Israel were leaving Egypt(the world) to the promise land, a place where they could not imagine because God had told them that it'll be flowing with milk and honey and that each passing day as they journeyed away from Egypt(the world)thy had to leave behind the cultures and traditions of the Egyptians(the world) and pick up a new ones(the commandments of God). these new laws and customs was what was meant to distinct them from every other people of the world.

There has to be some distinction, the kind of music we listen to,the kind of clothes we wear,the kinds of words we use, the kind of parties we go for, the opinions we share..... when they start asking questions show them your tags, when they invite u for that party do well to show them your tag, when they get groovy with that music and thay invite you to join them, let your tag speak for you.

We are tagged!! we choose not to be normal in their eyes because we are sure that greater is He that is in us than He that is in the world!!
We are tagged and we're proud of it!!!!