Friday, June 29, 2007

"Oluwa ni Oluso Agutan mi" VS "Oluwa ni oluso, emi ni agutan re"

To the non-Yoruba speaking folks, I apologize if you this blog might seem to throw you of the rock but I'll do as much as I can to keep you on track. The header of this post are two translations for the first verse of Psalm 23(The Lord is my Shepherd...) . The first translation is culled from the Yoruba translation of the bible. A lot of controversy has existed in times past about these two interpretations but I never took interest in it until the day i finally decide to give it a thought and it was interesting what i found out.
It's interesting the outcome we get when we take closer look at familiar things around us, we more often than not realize that we don't really know much about what we think we've always known too well. On this issue I decided not to attempt to analyze it with a biased mind because for many, the argument was between one of originality and "modernization". I also decided to carry it in my consciousness that the translator was also human and prone to mistakes..well this was my observation.
The first translation which happens to be culled from the "authentic" version of the Yoruba bible simply reads "The Lord is the Shepherd of my sheep", remember, this is my suggestion!! The second translation on the other hand, which happens to be the proposed translation reads "The Lord is the Shepherd, I am his Sheep". So what do you think??
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