Thursday, August 6, 2009

UNILAG “resumes”: An unpatriotic act?

I believe that having come this far in their struggle for what is right; it will only be fair for ASUU to get their demands met. Well this ambition may be jeopardized as factions are abstractly being created among member bodies of the union. Just recently, several students of the University of Lagos received text messages on their mobile phones instructing them to return to the halls of residence (indirectly, to resume). They say that they are to return to complete their exams and then go for vacation till the strike ends.

Now let me give you an analogy of what this sounds like. It's like one embarks on a fast and few hours before he's to break his fast for that day, he says to himself, "let me just have a drink of water, afterall, I'll still be fasting for the rest of the week". They didn't categorically state that they'll be resuming but intending to conduct an examination is more or less resumption to me. If UNILAG pulls through with this, I'm very certain that several other schools will follow suite and the strike will be amputated and the FG will have the last laugh….

To UNILAG, I say, those that endure to the end shall be saved. I don't want to have the feeling that I spent all this time at home and nothing was achieved. Please leave your comments.


transformed said...

i feel u.i dont want 2 wait at hme too while some 'smart' guys go on 2 write's selfish of them if they do that.i think all of us will rily be the worse 4 it.

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